Property Portfolio

Property Portfolioportfolio

Many people begin with a renovation project. They might buy a run-down property at a discount, do it up and sell it at a profit, which they can then invest in the next project. As the developer becomes more experienced, they might keep one of the properties they’ve renovated and let it.

They then remortgage to buy their next property, using the rent to fund the project, and so on. The same principles apply. The aim is to add value to any house or flat so that it provides both an income and long-term capital appreciation.

As with any property purchase, ‘location, location, location’ are still the watch-words. Even if the property itself needs work, the rental yields and capital appreciation will depend on it being in the right place, close to transport, schools and shops.

Acquiring and managing one property can be hard enough, but when your venture grows into a portfolio of properties, you need to be on the ball at all times and plan every detail carefully to maximise your chances of success.

That’s where Asset Class International can provide you with professional advise.

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